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The Town of Hartney
209 Airdrie St
Hartney, MB  R0M 0X0
Phone: (204) 858-2590
Fax: (204) 858-2681
Email: hartney@mts.net


The Town of Hartney is located in the province's Westman Region, and is known as the "Little town with a lot of heart".

Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Rural Municipality of Cameron, this community of 400 people is located on Provincial Trunk Highway 21 in the southwestern corner of Manitoba.

This comfortable community with an array of opportunities, is 80 kilometres from Westman's regional centre, Brandon, and 275 kilometres from Winnipeg, the provincial capital.

With a strong history as an agricultural based community located on a main rail line, the Town of Hartney has grown to become a major economic and service hub for the area.

Today, the Town of Hartney is home to banking, retail, government and community services for the area.